Join Us on Our Excursion!

As part of ICLASP 16, the afternoon of Friday, June 22nd (12:00pm – 5:00 pm) will be reserved for an exciting and informative excursion to two culturally rich and beautiful locations:

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Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village
Farmers in Traditional Attire at the Ukrainian Village
The Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village is an open-air museum (located about 25 minutes east of Edmonton on Highway 16) where interpreters in traditional and historically accurate Ukrainian attire depict the lives and livelihoods of the Ukrainian pioneers who settled near the same area between 1892 and 1930. As you jump back in time to explore the Village’s over 35 restored structures–including one- and two-room school houses, a grain elevator, and 3 different Eastern Byzantine Christian churches–and interact with the role-playing ‘residents’, you will have the opportunity to hear remarkable stories of Canada’s first Ukrainian settlers told in the linguistically appropriate style of that resident. This is a chance to brush up on your intercultural communication skills and learn some Ukrainian in the process. You will also have the chance to try a contemporary take on delicious traditional Ukrainian foods created by one of Edmonton’s top chefs. Visiting the Ukrainian Village is a terrific opportunity to learn more about the history of Edmonton’s surrounding area, east central Alberta, and to gain fascinating insights into its cultural and agricultural roots.

Young woman in traditional Ukrainian attire feeds chickens


Elk Island National ParkEnjoying Elk Island Nationl Park

One of Canada’s many magnificent national parks, Elk Island National Park is a peaceful oasis of natural beauty located under a one-hour drive from the City of Edmonton where visitors can enjoy the outdoors in myriad ways. One might simply connect with nature and relax in the calm, quiet, and picturesque prairie landscape; another might be more adventurous and attempt a canoe trip or bike ride through the park; and still others might join with park guides to search for and revel in the majesty of the plentiful wildlife in their natural habitat. One of the most well-known and breathtaking examples of such animals is the wood/plains bison, a species that was rescued from near-extinction by the establishment of this national park. There are also elk, white-tailed deer, moose, and over 250 species of birds which call the Park and its wonderful mixture of woodlands, prairies, meadows, and wetlands home!

A buffalo at Elk Island National Park
A bull bison as seen through a visitor's car window A group enjoys the Bison Backstage tour, walking through the Plains Bison Handling Facility A young visitor holds a bison skull, standing in front of the historic barn Two visitors watch a herd of plains bison with binoculars as they roam the countryside

Included in the excursion fee is:

  • transportation by bus to and from the excursion destinations;
  • admission to the Ukrainian Village and Elk Island National Park;
  • a late lunch at Ukrainian Village; and
  • a whole lot of fun!