Local Organizing Committee

Kimberly Noels, LOC Chair, Psychology
Cor Baerveldt
, Psychology
Jiawen Chen, Psychology
Paul Croome, IT Support, Psychology
Tracey Derwing, TESL/Educational Psychology
Martin Guardado, Extension
Ana Kovic, Psychology
Elizabeth Le, Modern Languages and Cultural Studies
Xiaoting Li, East Asian Studies
Sarah Moore, Business
Lucie Moussu, Centre for Writers/English & Film Studies
Elena Nicoladis, Psychology
Arlene Oak, Human Ecology
Joanne Paradis, Linguistics
Sally Rice, Linguistics
Dayuma Vargas Lascano, Psychology
Ying Shan Doris Zhang, Psychology

ILASP Executive Officers

Maggie Pitts, President
Tony Young, Past President
Liz Jones, President Elect
Yan Bing Zhang, Treasurer
Alina Schartner, Secretary
Jessica Gasiorek, Communication Officer
Marko Dragojevic, Publications Officer

Scientific Committee

Peter MacIntyre, University College of Cape Breton
Becky Robinson, University of California, Santa Barbara

Special Thanks to

Debbie Beaver, Financial Assistant
Fred Boyko, Programmer Analyst
Al Denington, Electronics Technologist
Tom Johnson, Faculty Service Officer
Isaac Lank, Electronics Technologist
Mark McKellar, Senior Research Computing Analyst, Arts Resource Centre (ARC)
Kamal Ranaweera, Team Lead, ARC
Cindy Welsh, Event and Project Coordinator